Massage Treatments

Treatment Options

Massage and Facial All-in-One

This treatment provides the best of both worlds: a relaxing massage and a rejuvenating facial! You may choose a 60-minute massage (Custom Pressure, CBD, or Essential Massage). Your therapist will also help you determine which of our facial treatment options will best suit your needs upon arrival at the spa.

90 Minutes: $300
105 Minutes: $360

CBD Massage

Relieve pain naturally, enjoy healthier and younger-looking skin, reduce inflammation, and more with our most popular massage treatment that combines a custom pressure massage and CBD massage oil. You may take home any remaining massage oil in your bottle for future home use.

60 Minutes: $160
90 Minutes: $220

Custom Pressure Massage

This relaxing therapeutic massage uses strategic movements to increase circulation and release muscle tension. We customize the pressure based on your preference and focus on areas of need throughout the session. This treatment combines several modalities to relieve strain, stress, and inflammation throughout the body.

60 Minutes: $140
90 Minutes: $200

Essential Massage

Our Essential Full Body Massage uses soothing strokes, compression, and hot towels with your choice of essences or our signature essential oil blend. Towels are placed in the areas of concern, and kneading strokes push the humid heat into the muscles, relaxing them without deep pressure.

60 Minutes: $150
90 Minutes: $210

The Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy offers many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. The specific advantages you can experience from massage may vary depending on the type of massage you choose and your individual needs.

For example, most massage treatments induce relaxation and stress reduction. As the tension leaves your body, it lowers stress hormone levels, leading to a sense of calm and well-being. The manipulation of muscles during massages can also enhance blood flow and lymphatic circulation, improve joint flexibility and range of motion, and even improve your posture. You may also experience less pain, better sleep, and a boost in your immune system from regular massage treatments.

How to Book a Massage

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It’s easy to find a time that works for you through our website. Just choose the massage treatment you want, a day that works for you, and see which times and staff members are available.

Contact Us

Have questions or prefer to talk to a real person? Our expertly trained staff members can explain our massage treatments to you and help you pick the package that works best for you.


What Past Clients Said About Sage Spa


“Tim gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had. His 15 years of experience were undeniable, using different techniques during a deep tissue massage, including CBD oil. I am a shorter athlete at just 5’1”. Tim was able to find and focus pressure perfectly on problem areas. I will highly recommend him to anyone residing in or traveling through the Ouray area!”

—Amber Lyn Martin, via Google Reviews

“My husband and I did a Valentine’s Day package at the Sage Spa. I was impressed by the facility and the level of professionalism displayed by Tim Walters, the spa manager. Tim was our massage therapist. He did a thorough consultation and provided a strong massage. Great experience!”

—Priscilla Swanson, via Facebook