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Benefits of A Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a combination of different massage techniques and thermotherapy. Basalt stones are used to perform the massage. The stones are also known as volcanic rocks. These stones carry healing properties which help create energetic flow along the body.

The localized heat of the stones allows for increased blood flow. This helps reduce swelling and inflammation. The heat of the stones also allows for faster healing time.

Because the massage helps circulation, permitting oxygenated blood to the muscle it is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis, back pain and other chronic discomfort.

A hot stone massage is beneficial when needing to relieve muscle tension and pain. Though different massages can be used to alleviate muscle tenderness, the heat from a hot stone massage is therapeutic and can even relieve mental stress and anxiety as well as relieving congestion. It also allows the muscle to increase flexibility and gain range of motion.

This procedure is both relaxing and beneficial. The stones are placed along the body, your massage therapist will hold the stones on specific points while giving a massage. The use of hot stones can be incorporated while receiving most massages.

Our Sage Spa at Twin Peaks offers a variety of massages to meet your needs including hot stone massages designed to melt the tension away!

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