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All About Aromatherapy Showers

Aromatherapy is a form of therapy used with aromatic materials such as essential oils that claim to be therapeutic and can improve your psychological state and well being.

This therapeutic practice can be enjoyed in many different ways. The most common method is through a diffuser or candle. But did you know that aromatherapy works best when the body is in a warmer state?

Adding aromatherapy essentials to your hot bath can help you achieve a more profound relaxed being. A calm environment such as a shower or bathtub allows the body to easily be soothed and relieve the body from tension.

An aromatherapy shower is an ideal way to clear your mind and can even help with physical pains. The oil used in an aromatherapy shower also offers a great natural remedy against some common skin conditions. The oils also clear congestion and are filled with antibacterial properties.

The Sage Spa at the Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs offers a variety of therapeutic practices. The couples massage retreat ensures two aromatherapy showers to help you achieve a great state of relaxation for you and your partner.

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